Since the Egyptians first washed down their bread with a honey mead ...

after a hard day at The Pyramids, the union of food and drink has been one of mankind’s finest unions. Since 2018, we have tried to refine the combination for the modern day. The way we socialise has undoubtedly changed in recent times however we believe that there is still a place for the familiar, comfortable feel of a “local pub” alongside an excellent contemporary food and drink selection.

It soon became clear that our concept of varying the kitchen and bar offerings each week was proving popular and just as we were getting into the groove, a global pandemic caused a bit of disruption to say the least but gave us opportunity to explore a delivery service.

The response was incredible and we will be forever grateful ...

to all those that helped us through the most difficult time the business (and the world) has ever and hopefully will ever face.

We couldn’t turn our back on those supporters but due to our shoebox size kitchen we aren’t able to offer deliveries to the same scale once doors reopened so we also offer a limited takeaway service.

Given the small capacity in house and limited delivery slots, booking is highly advisable for both tables and takeaway, though we do leave our window bench free for those spur of the moment decisions.

In addition to our “usual” business activities, Cask & Kitchen is available for private hire for those special occasions and we can also offer an outside catering service for any event.

Whether it’s a quick pint after work, a family meal, date night or a cheeky takeaway, we look forward to seeing you soon.